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Our well-being oasis

Our well-being area offers the perfect place in which to unwind, mellow out and relive all the fantastic events of your day.

Our spa area provides blissful relaxation with a sauna, an infrared cabin with light colour therapy and a solarium.

A-VITA Spa – Well-being and relaxation at their finest

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The sauna serves, above all, as a form of prevention against colds and can be used as a therapeutic treatment for many illnesses. Raising the body temperature to up to 39°C has the same effect as a natural fever within the body, namely the killing of pathogens.

The use of a cold shower immediately after a sauna session relaxes the muscles and, as well as inducing several beneficial physiological effects (lowering of blood pressure, stimulation of the circulation, metabolism, immune system and respiratory system), it also has a positive effect on the subjective well-being.

Infrared cabin and solarium

The use of infrared cabins can contribute greatly to enhancing your well-being and is an effective preventative healthcare measure. Using temperatures as low as just 30°C, the soothing infrared warmth releases new energy and can even work gentle miracles – from relieving back pain, to boosting the immune system, to alleviating muscle tension.

Regeneration, relaxation, detoxification and a simply wonderful feeling of ease and comfort - infrared cabins offer not only highly individualised well-being, but also have a positive effect on the entire organism. The secret behind this unique effect is the ingenious system – the special low-temperature, infrared technology, in combination with ceramic radiator tubes filled with lava sand, creates a particularly soothing and invigorating deep heat that can help alleviate a variety of physical problems.

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